Bass Fishing Techniques For Winter

April 04, 2018



People like bass fishing when the water is warm during the spring. But I like bass fishing during winter. Although you might not get a lot of bass during that season you will get real beautiful bass if you adopt the right bass fishing techniques. With less than half the effort you put in other season you can get bass during winter.

Smallmouth Bass – Catching them in winter waters

It is usually a challenge to catch smallmouth bass. And that too in the winter the odds are double. I get a lot of thrill and joy while catching smallmouth bass in winter than in any other time. If you want to catch elusive smallmouth bass during winter you can apply some bass fishing techniques. Patience is the most important technique that you should know. You should understand the structures beneath the water, the depth of the water and the have proper insulated clothing.


Some of the Bass Fishing Techniques for Outstanding Results

Apart from having the right equipments and baits you should know the right techniques to get outstanding results of bass fishing. Everybody knows that bass have a voracious appetite. Only a few people know that they are attracted to jigs. The bait and the type used are not important to catch smallmouth bass. You should know how to use jigs to have a good catch of smallmouth bass.

The importance of right location

Do you know that smallmouth loves depth? Yes, it is true. Although they love depth, during winter they do not go below 30 feet. You should find the structures that are 20 to 40 feet deep in the waters. These could be the places for the smallmouth bass. Anchor your boat at a place that is at some distance from such an area so that you can cast a line easily and freely. Now you can cast your jig here. You should also know the strike by a weed and a rock and also that of a fish. If you know this you can become an expert in catching smallmouth bass.

Lot of Practice is what counts

It is an art to cast your jig and retrieve it. You need a lot of practice and patience to learn this technique thoroughly. Once you learn it you will come to know that whether your line strikes a fish or a rock. Your practice should be in such a way that you should recognize it instantly. Otherwise you will be losing the fish.