100M Portable Sonar LCD Fish Finders

Sonar Frequency: Cable: 200Khz
Sonar Coverage: FFC1108-1:45 degrees, FFCW1108-1:90D degrees
Detecting Range: 0.6-183 Meter
Power Input: AAA
Power Source: No. 7 Battery
Language: English
Display: 2inch TN/ANTI-UV LCD
Back lighting: On/off White LED
Depth Capability of FFC1108-1: 328 feet( 100 m)
Sonar Coverage: 45 degrees beam angle in 200Khz
Power requirement: 4* AAA batteries
Waterproof design: Level-4 (spray-water-proof)
Manual Approved Language: English&Russian
Depth Capability of FFCW1108-1: 130feet(45m)