Lawaia Old Salt Cast Net Throw Frisbee Net tire Line Rotary Fishing Network Diameter 3m-9m Hand Fishing Net Tool With Frisbee

Product Type: Fishing Nets
Brand Name: Lawaia
Mesh Size: 1.5cm
Mesh Size: Small Mesh
Knot Type: Single
Certification: Lawaia
Type: Cast Net
Length: 3m
Style: Monofilament
With Glueing or Not: No
Plastic Type: PE
Depth: 3.6m
Positionable or Not: No
Retractable or Not: No
Thickness: 0.3mm
Model Number: Lawaia
Diameter: 3m-9m
Pendant: Iron
Mesh: 1.5cm
Thinkness: 0.3mm